Mister, Are You Jesus? (#613, Lent 2)

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Second Sunday of Lent (Year C) • Faith is believing in things we cannot see. Abraham believes God even though he cannot see the stars. The glory that radiates from Jesus on the mountain has already been radiating through his miracles, love, and mercy. Even when they cannot see the glory of Jesus, the disciples can still follow his voice. “Listen to Him” means more than just hearing, but also doing. It means letting the merciful of God shine through our words and deeds.

Pope Francis shared God’s love and mercy in Mexico. He warns us, “A person who only thinks about building walls and not bridges isn’t a Christian. This isn’t in the Gospel.”[ref] Is the love of God shining through Donald Trump? Is the love of God shining through fans at a basketball game? Is it radiating in your life and mine? It’s not easy to follow Jesus’ message in a dark world. But listening to Him allows us to become a light in the darkness. “When was the last time someone confused you for Jesus?

(21 Feb 2016)

Point to Ponder: Is there something about Pope Francis that reminds you of Jesus? Is there something about you that reminds others of Jesus?

Point to Discuss: Get a copy of Rediscover Jesus and do a little book study with your spouse or a friend.
(this Lent my parishes are giving away free copies of the book)

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    I think you covered everything. Personal experience and readings. Jeff Cavins Walk Through the Bible and Matthew Kelly’s book are both being used in our parishes. Great way to connect all the pieces together.

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    Fr Joel, Your homily breathed so much hope and encouragement–thank-you. One of the things I like about Pope Francis and this age of technology and social media is the doors he opens to conversation. I have had a couple of people, including my brother, ask me my thoughts on this very statement you mentioned. It has led to good conversation. One thing I’ve struggled with for many years re: if others see Jesus in me…I’m surrounded by many “good” people. Even the ones that aren’t christian have a good sense of morality and are kind. I always question how my life stands out from theirs so that they can see Jesus in me. I think the answer lies not so much in standing out but in falling more in love with him. As I do that, his light will illumine me more and more and my focus becomes less standing out and more just Him. Again, thanks for your encouragement for living in a world that is indeed dark.

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