The Ultimate Power in the Universe (#609, 4th Sunday)

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Ordinary Time, Fourth Sunday (Year C)

God is patient, God is kind….
Jesus does not seek his own interests,
He is not quick-tempered, He does not brood over injury,
God does not rejoice over wrongdoing
but rejoices with the truth.

Love reveals the nature of God. Love is the ultimate power in the universe, stronger than money, fear, even death. Love conquers all but is conquered by none. Love is like the “Force” from Star Wars: Love is what gives the Christian his power. It surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together. Love has no “dark side”: It can only be used for good. The dark side we call lust or selfishness. Unfortunately, we often say love when we mean its opposite, the very enemy of love. “I love pizza” means it makes me feel good. “I love you” often means: “You make me feel good. I want to get something out of you.” That isn’t love!

Love means “I want what is best for the other.” Love is sacrifice. This is why chastity is so important. Our love for another can be twisted up with our own selfishness. Chastity helps us turn towards self-giving and away from the selfish side. Every Christian is called to follow the example of Jesus: I am patient, I am kind… I need a good Confession! This passage is the standard to which every Christian is called. Let God love you, so you can love others.

The family is meant to be a cradle of love: Love is the mission of every family. Love is also the mission of every Christian parish. The Religious Education program and our Catholic school are partners with the parents in their mission of teaching children. The world thinks we shouldn’t have to sacrifice, but Christians know that love is sacrifice. The sacrifices that go to building families, parishes and Catholic schools show true love. Love never fails.

(31 Jan 2016)

Point to Ponder: Do you really believe that love is stronger than money, fear or death?

Point to Discuss: Read Should we send our kids to Catholic School? by Father Joe Krupp. Discuss the points he makes with your spouse or a friend.

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