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Christians are Sent to Save the World (#608, 3rd Sunday)

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Ordinary Time, 3rd Sunday (Year C)

We are the poor, the captives, the oppressed and the blind. It is to us that Christ is announcing the good news of God’s merciful love. For a Christian it’s not enough to be a good person. Every Christian is called to be Christ-like. How can we fulfill our impossible mission?

Through the power of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit allows priests to forgive sins. It also fills every Christian and allows them to do the impossible. Catholics march in Washington and minister when their bus gets trapped in snow. Catholics pray for the dead and make every night special. Through the power of the Holy Spirit we continue Jesus’ mission.

Mass reminds us: The Body of ChristYou are sent: Go announce the Gospel of the Lord. God is already lining up people for you to minister to. Ask the Holy Spirit to make you ready for the mission.

(24 Jan 2015)

Point to Ponder: When has the Holy Spirit worked through me?

Point to Discuss: Talk to another Christian about Jesus’ mission. What would the world look like if every Christian took Christ’s mission seriously? Do you know any Christians who do?

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