Stop Singing Hell’s Theme Song (#551, 33rd Sunday)

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Ordinary Time, 33rd Sunday. What if tomorrow morning is the end of the world? Jesus descends to earth, sends his angels to gather humanity, and reveals the truth about every person. When the world starts to fall apart, it’s a sure sign that Jesus is closer than ever and His words will last longer than the universe.

God loves us and wants every one of us to come home. He has a great plan for our lives and for our world. The problem is, we don’t always let God get his way. Am I cooperating with God to build the Kingdom of God in my life, my family,  my community? Am I a good steward of the goods, talents, and life I have been given? Or am I building the Kingdom of Me and serving myself? The theme song of Hell is, “I Did It My Way.” Change your tune! The theme song of Heaven is “Amazing Grace.”

(15 Nov 2015)

Point to Ponder: If I knew Jesus were watching everything I did, what is one thing I would do differently?

Point to Discuss: Talk to a friend about the end of the world: What do you expect will happen?

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