The Sign of True Love (#542, 24th Sunday)

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Ordinary Time, 24th Sunday. Which is easier: 1) To say “I Love You” or 2) to show it with your actions? Actions speak louder than words. We can’t just say it, we also have to do it. This is just like the Church’s understanding of Faith and Works: We show what we believe by our good works.

Jesus says, “I Love You” and then he does it by serving and sacrificing for us. Jesus serves us at the Last Supper and at the Mass. He sacrifices for us on the cross. Jesus asks His disciples to do the same thing. Peter says, “I Love you” but then he must do it by serving the sheep and sacrificing his life.

How about us? We too need to show our love by serving and sacrificing. Peter, speaking for all of us, expresses our fear of suffering. But remember that Jesus asks us to deny ourselves, take up our cross, and follow Me. It’s not true to say that He shares our suffering; it’s more true to say that we share in Jesus’ suffering. He is already going to the dark and difficult places and He asks His friends to walk with Him down the road of suffering. We should never fear the cross for it is the sign of True Love.

(13 Sep 2015)

Point to Ponder: What can you DO that will say “I Love You” to someone who is special to you?

Point to Discuss: Listen to a friend that you know is experiencing suffering. Pray with them.

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