The Baptized Need to Be Opened (#541, 23rd Sunday)

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Ordinary Time, 23rd Sunday

The celebrant touches the ears and mouth of the child with his thumb, saying:
The Lord Jesus made the deaf to hear and the mute to speak. May he soon touch your ears to receive His word and your mouth to proclaim His faith, to the praise and glory of God the Father. (Rite of Baptism)

Jesus takes the deaf man away from the crowd, gives him His full attention, communicates to him through touch, and then finally says Ephphatha!–Be opened!

All the baptized have to “be opened.” God is speaking to us in lots of ways, but in order to hear Him we need to give Him our undivided attention. Give Jesus at least 15 minutes of quality time every day to touch and speak to you.

We also can “stutter” as we try to explain our faith and as we try to live our faith. But don’t be a afraid to keep trying. Come to Jesus and let him “open” you to hear more clearly and speak more clearly.

(6 Sep 2015)

Point to Ponder: Have you ever felt that you had Jesus’ undivided attention? What did that feel like?

Point to Discuss: Visit with a friend or family member who is hard of hearing. Communicate with them as best you can, and reflect on the trouble God has communicating with us.

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