Come to Jesus; Nothing Else Satisfies (#536, 18th Sunday)

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Ordinary Time, 18th Sunday. God has been providing for his people but we have been missing the signs. We are hungry for more than food and God wants to give us meaning, purpose, love. He gives us these gifts through His Son Jesus. This is why the Devil does anything he can to separate us from Jesus. Jesus is God’s answer to every need of the human heart, even despair and suicide. We have to get in the habit of seeking  Christ himself and ignoring distractions. Prayer helps us to seek God and put Him first, because nothing else satisfies.

(3 Aug 2015)

Point to Discuss: When was a time you felt you were slipping away from your goals in life? Talk to a friend about what it felt like and how you responded.

Point to Ponder: Read more about Oremus or watch the intro video:

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