God is Close to Us; Are We Far From Him? (#540, 22nd Sunday)

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It’s hard to stay rooted in Christ when he doesn’t seem to be listening. The truth is, we are the ones who are not listening. God is with you here in Church; God will be with you the rest of the week. But will you be with him? (30 Aug 2015)

Don’t Leave Jesus Standing at the Altar (#539, 21st Sunday)

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Marriage is that is a gift that is Total, Faithful, Fruitful, and Free. Jesus gives everything even to His flesh and the last drop of His blood. How do we respond to Jesus’ gift of himself? Don’t leave Jesus standing at the altar! (23 Aug 2015)

More Than $10,000,000 and a Diamond Ring (#538, 20th Sunday)

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(feat. Deacon Michael Thiel) Jesus says “Eat Me!” and we do at every Catholic Mass. What if Father gave out $10,000,000? What if you heard “The Body of Christ” with the same enthusiasm as “Would you Marry Me?” Are you excited for Communion? (16 Aug 2015)

Come to Jesus; Nothing Else Satisfies (#536, 18th Sunday)

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God has been providing for his people but we have been missing the signs. God satisfies all the hungers of the human heart through Jesus Christ. Prayer helps us to seek God and put Him first, because nothing else satisfies. (3 Aug 2015)