In Touch With Jesus (#533, 13th Sunday)

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Does God really know what He is doing? Yes! His plan for our life and our love is the best. Our wounds and struggles are opportunities for us to turn to Jesus, to let him touch us, and begin a relationship with True Love. (28 June 2015)

Pope Francis Says “Knock It Off” (#532, 12th Sunday)

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Pope Francis speaks of the ecological storm caused by our indifference. A culture of encounter allows us to meet God and be met by him. Accepting His Fatherhood brings peace and calm to our lives, our families, and even our planet. (21 June 2015)

Love So Extravagant, You Can Almost Taste It (#531, Corpus Christi)

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Christ offers his Blood to purify believers and make us “blood brothers” with God. This one sacrifice is present whenever you have priests who are descended from the Last Supper. At Mass God’s extravagant love becomes so real, so present, you can almost taste it. (7 June 2015)