Bring One Another to Eternal Life (#519, Lent 5)

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Lent, 5th Sunday. The day of your Baptism you became a member of the Body of Christ and the family of God. The community brought you to Christ. Just like at your Baptism, so also at your funeral: the community brings you to Christ. The symbols are the same. The little death and resurrection of Baptism prepares you for the big death and resurrection into Eternal life. All the struggles and sufferings in between have the same purpose: little deaths and resurrections that help us say, “Father, glorify your name” and prepare us for the big Resurrection. As members of Christ let’s bring others to Jesus. Let’s bring others to Eternal Life.

(22 Mar 2015)

Point to Ponder: What struggle or suffering in my life do I need to accept for the glory of God?

Point to Discuss: Find your Baptismal Certificate. Talk to a parent or godparent about your Baptism.

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