Abandon Ship and Believe in God’s Merciful Love (#510, 3rd Sunday)

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Ordinary Time, 3rd Sunday. Jonah is a fascinating story of second chances – a second chance for the prophet, and a second chance for the people of Nineveh. It’s the same message that Jesus proclaims: Repent and believe in the Merciful Love of God. Our second reading reminds us that time is running out.

The people on the Titanic were enjoying themselves as they sailed to New York — but time was running out for all of them. They didn’t heed the warnings, and they didn’t have enough lifeboats. They could have been ready but they weren’t. Life is more than food, celebration, and having a good time. The world as we know it is passing away.

Jesus calls his disciples to learn first-hand about the merciful love of God. It was easier for the people of Nineveh to believe in God’s merciful love than it was for Jonah. Is it hard for you? Don’t stand with one foot in the world and one foot on the Gospel. Abandon ship! God’s merciful love will catch you.

(25 Jan 2015)

Point to Ponder: Where have you felt God’s merciful love working in your life or in the life of family or friends? Thank God for his mercy.

Point to Discuss: Talk to someone who is struggling to believe. Listen to their story. Share your own experience of God’s merciful love.

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