Bring This to Your Christmas Parties (#504, Advent 4)

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Advent, 4th Sunday. Most years we get to the end of the Christmas season and we have little to show for it. How can the upcoming Christmas season be a blessed time? King David shows us that even though he has been successful as a king, his relationship with God is more important than anything else. God promises a kingdom “forever” to David, and Mary receives the fulfillment of God’s promise. God wants to do in and through You what he did in and through Mary. You receive the Word made Flesh (the Bread of Life); welcome him into your heart. Christ dwells within us. Care for this presence of God and carry it to others. St. Bernard reminds us how we should respond to God’s invitation.

(21 Dec 2014)

Point to Ponder: Read the homily by St. Bernard

Point to Discuss: Save your Christmas cards. Take them out one at a time and pray for the people in the cards. Receive their love and offer it in return.

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