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Dig up Your Faith and Start Investing It (#450, 33rd Sunday)

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Ordinary Time, 33rd Sunday. In the context of Matthew’s Gospel, the nations will be separated into sheep and goats based on how the they treat “the least brothers of mine”, namely Christians. How then will the Christians be judged? The answer is today’s reading, also from Matthew 25. A man goes on a journey and gives his servants 5, 2, or 1 talent. A talent is a large sum of money; even the man who only got 1 talent still had a lot to work with. The difference is not the quantity but the attitude. The last servant is motivated by fear; he’s trying not to go to hell. Fear paralyzes the servant and he proves himself unworthy of the investment.

God has a lot invested in you. He has built a universe and a planet and a long line of people leading to you. He’s given you an intellect and will, the Spirit within you and the Eucharist. How can we return the investment God has made in us? The first reading gives us a clue. The good wife from Proverbs 31 is investing in the people around her – her husband, her children, even the poor. Likewise, we are being asked to use the gifts God has given to invest in the people around us.

Where do we start? Everyone in church today has at least a little faith. Some may have 5 talents of faith and some 2, but all of you have at least 1 or you would not be in Church on a Sunday. We don’t want to lose our faith so we bury it in the ground. Consequently, it never grows. Faith grows to the degree that you give it away. Invest in the faith of others. Share with them an answer to prayer, or show them how God is working in their lives. Help them understand their lives in the light of God’s love. As you invest in others, your faith grows too. You are running out of time! Dig up your faith and start investing it.

(16 Nov 2014)

Point to Ponder: When I am gone from this earth, will I leave a legacy of faith to those who come after me?

Point to Discuss: Talk to someone who was valuable to your faith journey and tell them how they have inspired you. Or, share with a friend about a faith mentor that inspired you.

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