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When did You know He was the One? (#434, 17th Sunday)

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Ordinary Time, 17th Sunday. I like to ask couples, “When did you know your spouse was the One?” I get all kinds of interesting answers. Finding the right person is like finding a buried treasure or the pearl of great price. They are worth any price, any sacrifice. The Kingdom of Heaven is not a place that issues passports. It is the presence of Jesus. When we accept Jesus, we accept the kingdom. When we enter into Jesus, we are living in the kingdom. When did you know that Jesus was the One?

I met Jesus face-to-face in the person of St. John Paul II. That’s when I knew Jesus was the One. The Church is like the field. It looks just like any other field, but inside is buried treasure. Buy into the Church and you can dig up the riches of Jesus Christ. He is the treasure. And the pearl of great price is you. Jesus sacrificed everything to buy you. What are you willing to sacrifice for Him? His love is worth everything once you know He is the One. So when did you know that Jesus was the One?

(27 Jul 2014)

Want to go deeper?

  • Have I accepted Jesus as the One for me, or am I still searching?
  • If you have not yet discovered Jesus personally, pray to Him and ask Him to reveal himself to you.
  • If you have discovered Jesus, reflect back over when and how it happened.
  • Share your story with someone.

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