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Planting Seeds of Love and Truth (#432, 15th Sunday)

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Ordinary Time, 15th Sunday. Christ is the sower. He sows the truth, and he sows love. We receive the word through our eyes and ears, and it takes root in our heart. It grows and bears fruit. But truth and love aren’t the only things being sown in this world. The enemy is sowing lies and selfishness. They take root in our heart and grow and bear rotten fruit.

What are you receiving? We have to be open to receive only the good seed, and reject the lies we are told and the ways we are treated with selfishness.

What are you spreading? Are you speaking the truth and treating others with love, or are you speaking lies and treating others with selfishness?

At Noon on Monday I just as you to pause and ask yourself these two questions:

  1. What have I been receiving this morning: Love and Truth, or lies and selfishness?
  2. What have I been sowing this morning: Love and Truth, or lies and selfishness?

(13 Jul 2014)

Want to go deeper?

  1. Today at Noon ask yourself:
    What have I been receiving today (Truth and Love, lies and selfishness)?
    What have I been spreading to others (Truth and Love, lies and selfishness)?
  2. Think of a time recently when someone spoke the truth to you, or treated you with a special dose of love. Give thanks for that gift.
  3. What is a lie that you have believed in your life? Lies that many people face are:
    I was an accident.
    You’re never good enough.
    You’re so stupid.
    Nobody will love me; nobody wants me.
    Bring this lie to Jesus and ask him to help you uproot it.

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