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Little Seeds Bear Great Fruit (#433, 16th Sunday)

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Ordinary Time, 16h Sunday. Jesus announces the kingdom of heaven, but it doesn’t look like any kingdom we are familiar with. The Kingdom is alive and growing in our midst. Like starter dough, the Eucharist transforms us from the inside, making us rise. This kingdom is the “little seed” that bears great fruit. The kingdom happens when we serve others instead of ourselves. Right now, we can choose any king, worship any God, and become weeds or wheat. Good and evil are intertwined in our world and in our hearts. But judgment is coming and good will shine while the evil will burn. For now God is patient and merciful; use this time to bear fruit. Make the little changes now that will bear great fruit for the kingdom.

(20 Jul 2014)

Thoughts for Reflection

  1. How do I feel knowing that Jesus will judge my workplace, my classmates, my relatives?
  2. If I died today and faced judgement, what would Jesus say to me?
  3. What is one thing that needs to change in my life? Talk to God about it.

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