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3 Tips to Lighten Your Load (#431, 14th Sunday)

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Ordinary Time, 14th Sunday. How could Jesus be telling the truth that his yoke is easy, his burden light? It seems hard to believe, especially for those dealing with the load of family, illness or death. After much reflection (and being stalked by this scripture) I have three thoughts on what Jesus means:

1. Let God Lead

“Meek” in the Bible is associated with farm animals. A farm animal lets you lead it. Moses and Jesus are called meek because they let God lead them. Many times our burdens come from our own expectations and not from God. Do you let God lead in your choice of church to attend? Do you let God lead when it comes to your marriage? How about job, moves, family size? Letting God lead lightens your load.

2. Lift with the Lord

The “Yoke” is a double yoke: we learn from Him because he’s right there with us pulling beside us. Don’t fight him, or try to pull in your own direction. Lifting with the Lord lightens your load.

3. Labor with Love

An elderly woman thought her husband was “easy to care for” because her heart was in it. When we are motivated by love we can bear great burdens with peace and joy. Laboring with love lightens the load.

No one had a heavier load than Jesus; he was carrying the sins of the world. If he says love made his yoke easy, his burden light, we should be inclined to agree. Jesus isn’t trying to change our burdens but our attitude. When we let God set our direction, when we work along side him, and when we labor with love, then this Gospel comes true. This scripture passage wasn’t stalking me.  It was Jesus reminding me, “I’m right here with you; you’re not carrying this alone.”

(6 Jul 2014)

Want to go deeper?

  • Reflect on this picture. Which one is you? Which one is Jesus?
  • What is a burden you are carrying right now? Talk to the Lord about it and share the burden with him.
  • Listen to the song “It is Well with my Soul” then read the story behind the song.


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