Frozen Weather

Benjamin Free Range

Tuesday morning I was drinking my coffee and watching the rain pelt against the windows. After a little while the rain started to look lumpy as it hit the windows. Soon it had become a wet, torrential snow. It was a little surreal to see such a heavy snowstorm at the end of April.

I thought about the snow on Wednesday evening. Since it was the last day of religion class a the parish, we didn’t have a regular class. We had an end-of-year party instead, and after eating some pizza the kids watched the movie Frozen together. The setting of the movie (in case you haven’t seen it) is a summertime blizzard. Being a fairy tale, the summer blizzard is brought about by a queen who has magical ice powers. She has spent many years trying to control herself and trying to hide her powers. Finally she cannot take the stress anymore and she runs away to the mountains and lets her ice powers run wild.
The movie uses the snow and ice as a visual image for the emotional turmoil in the character. She thinks that cutting herself off from everyone and doing whatever she feels like doing will bring her peace. Instead, it isolates her from everyone else and it curses her kingdom with perpetual winter.

(I won’t tell you how this disaster turns into a happy ending in case you haven’t seen it! – of course it’s a happy ending, it’s Disney).

I found the story of Frozen to have a very good image for sin. It is hard to deal with our inner problems, and we can easily convince ourselves that doing whatever we feel like doing is going to bring us peace. Instead, it transfers our inner mess into an outer mess, wreaking havoc on the people around us and damaging the world in which we live. We are seeing a lot of mess in our society today because people are doing exactly this. It is easy for us to convince ourselves that our sinful choices only affect us, but this is not true; one person’s sin damages all of society because we are all connected.

I personally believe that our sinful choices not only bring about disasters in our society but they are also connected to natural disasters. In a previous post, entitled “Does God curse is with bad weather?”, I had talked about this issue and stepped around it in a certain way. I had said that the weather is not tame and we should not expect it to be tame, but we should certainly pray for good weather.

However, as time goes on my opinion on that matter is a little less nuanced than what I put in that post. I do believe that our sinful choices are connected to terrible weather, because our sins disturb the harmony of the created world. Terrible and bizarre weather is one of the ways we can notice that the harmony of this world it disturbed. Our bad weather should be a reminder to us of how important it is to deal with our interior problems in good ways.