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+422+ How to Start a New Life (Easter Sunday)

Fr. Joel Homilies Leave a Comment

Easter Sunday. Adam and Eve were offered two trees: Life or Death. God warned them not to chose Death but they did anyway, and cut themselves off from the source of life. But God didn’t give up on us. He washed away the world’s sin in the flood so the world could start new. He brought the Israelites through the Red Sea out of slavery to freedom.¬†Finally he sent Jesus, who took our sins and paid our penalty. He gave us the key that unlocks the path to life: “Not my will but Yours be done.” The will of God led him into the tomb, and the brilliant truth:

  • Light is stronger than darkness.
  • Life is stronger than death.
  • Love is stronger than hatred.

God hasn’t given up on you. We do not have to be trapped in the tomb of our past sins. We can drown them in the Easter water and start fresh. Take the hand of Jesus and let Him lead you away from death and into true Life. Christ is Risen!

(20 Apr 2014)

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