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+418+ Open my eyes, Lord (Lent 4)

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Lent, 4th Sunday. Last week, the Gospel invited us to hear Jesus. This week we are invited to see Jesus. Through the light of Faith we can begin to see as God sees. The world looked at little David and saw the baby of the family. God looked at David and saw the future king of Israel. Do we actually see things as they really are? The world looked at the blind man and saw a sinner. God looked at the blind man and saw a son. What can we learn from the story?

  • The man was thought incurable. Jesus, the Creator, makes him new eyes.
  • Jesus heals because he wants a relationship with this man.
  • The man receives physical sight immediately, but his spiritual sight takes time. He begins to see Jesus, first as a prophet, and then as the Messiah.
  • Meanwhile, the Pharisees are blinded by their assumption that they already see clearly.

If we believe we see clearly, we are blind. Only if we are willing to admit we need God’s help will we begin to see as God sees. Open my eyes, Lord; help me to see Your face.

(30 Mar 2014)

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