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+417+ I already know… and I still love You (Lent 3)

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Lent, 3rd Sunday. The Samaritan woman has a bit of a “reputation” around town, so imagine her surprise when a Jew treats her with dignity and respect. And then it turns out that He already knows all about her past, and He still loves her. Those things we think nobody knows? Jesus already knows.

He knows about your bad days, when you feel dead on the inside, but you still get up and face the world, and you think nobody knows. Jesus already knows. He knows who you are secretly attracted to, what you do when no one is looking; where your computer has been, or  your phone; how you got that grade on the test, or the promotion; He knows about the affair; …and that thing that happened when you were a kid — Jesus already knows.

And He still treats you with dignity and respect. He still invites you to trust Him, and offers you His merciful love. “While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” His love is so intense, Mother Theresa described it as though Jesus thirsts for our faith and our love. Jesus told Sr. Faustina that His love was like an “ocean of mercy” to wash away our sinfulness.

I want to challenge you to do two things this Lenten season:

  1. Encounter the Merciful love of God:
    Pope Francis wants us to read the Bible every day, especially the Gospels.
    Come to Confession and experience God’s mercy.
    Look around you — His mercy is active in the sunrise, the spring, a baby, and your neighbor.
  2. Share the Merciful love of God
    Offer mercy to your spouse, your children, your parents, your neighbors.
    Offer yourself mercy. Jesus already knows, and he still loves you. When will you stop beating yourself up?
    Pray the Divine Mercy chaplet.

Pope John Paul II added the feast of Divine Mercy to the church calendar in 2000 when he canonized Sr. Faustina. He consecrated the world to Divine Mercy, and passed away on the vigil of Divine Mercy Sunday. And now our new Pope appears to be a Pope of mercy. Do you think Jesus might be trying to tell us something? Of course He is: “I already know, and I still love you.”

(23 Mar 2014)

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