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+412+ Jesus helps us Walk in the Light (6th Sunday)

Fr. Joel Homilies, The Loving Life Leave a Comment

Ordinary Time, 6th Sunday. Jesus sits down and, in the name of God, gives us the new Law:

  • It’s not enough to not kill your brother: don’t even get angry, and don’t bother arguing your case.
  • It’s not enough to avoid adultery: don’t even lust, and don’t consider divorce.
  • It’s not enough to not swear falsely: don’t even swear an oath at all.

Jesus wants us to face the selfish roots of sin that grow in our heart: our need to accuse others and defend ourselves, our selfish desires, and our dishonesty. Why does he ask so much? Jesus wants us to be pure enough so that we can welcome God himself into our lives and into our hearts. Does it seem impossible? He never intended us to do this alone. Jesus will help you stand up and walk. With God nothing is impossible. (16 Feb 2014)

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