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+411+ The Light shines in the Darkness (Presentation)

Fr. Joel Homilies Leave a Comment

Feast of the Presentation of the Lord. The Temple was the meeting place between God and Man. Today in the person of Jesus, God himself enters His temple. He is also offering the human race to God the Father. His body becomes the new meeting place between God and Man. Later He will purify the temple with a whip made of cords, and then offer the perfect Sacrifice on the cross to cleanse us of our sin and Darkness.

The Grammy awards show us the spiritual darkness growing in our world. The Gospel provides us answers for how to respond. The elderly can see with the eyes of faith. We need them to share with others the Jesus they have seen. Like Mary and Joseph, the young receive the Light of the World and have to be willing to sacrifice to protect the light. Here at Mass God comes to visit His people, and through the Eucharist enters the Temple of your body. He invites us to join Him in offering our lives as a perfect sacrifice of love to the Father.

(2 Feb 2014)


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