+345+ The Price of Discipleship (23rd Sunday)

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The truths of the Gospel undermine ancient cultural assumptions about slavery. Today the Gospel is working to undermine our contemporary culture of Consumerism. Jesus sets the price for discipleship: Being His disciple will cost you everything. Jesus isn’t talking about a contract (an exchange of goods and services); he’s referring to a covenant (an exchange of persons). We give everything, and we get Christ in return. And He is worth more than everything.

+344+ God’s Expectations and how to fulfill Them (22nd Sunday)

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We face expectations from everyone: our spouse, family, friends, and boss. But God has expectations for us too. God expects us to be like Jesus, but He also wants to help us fulfill His expectations. He takes the lowest seat, and so should we. He throws a banquet for those who can never repay Him. How can we do to thank God for such generosity?

+343+ Strive to enter – and bring others with you! (21st Sunday)

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What a terrible feeling to be locked out of a party. How much more terrible when the party is Eternal Life! Our first reading reminds us that Kingdom of God is open to all people everywhere. It’s not an exclusive party, but it isn’t easy to enter. We must strive hard and accept the Discipline of our loving Father. We don’t want to miss out and we don’t want anyone else to miss out either. Strive to enter through the narrow gate – and bring others with you!

+342+ Whose voice do you follow? (20th Sunday)

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Jeremiah listens to the voice of God but the princes refuse to listen. Whose voice do you follow? The world says you are a never enough; God says that you are loved, and that is enough. Listening to His voice can make people uncomfortable, but that’s not our fault. It’s time we fixed our eyes on Christ and stopped listening to the other voices.

+341+ How to serve the King who Serves (19th Sunday)

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The true King of the world is Christ himself. He promises the ultimate role reversal: in the Kingdom of God, the King serves his servants. How do we become members of such a wonderful kingdom? He will serve us in the hereafter, but only if we serve our King here and now by serving our brothers and sisters. Go and serve your King.

+340+ Called to serve Christ in Us (16th Sunday)

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Martha gets caught up in the things she is doing and forgets the One she is serving. We Christians often forget the presence of Christ. Jesus is more than just another visitor. He is such a close and intimate friend that He is “Christ in us.” Hospitality happens when we welcome the presence of Jesus in the persons we serve. As we have been serving others, we discover that have been serving Christ.

+339+ Disciples of the Good News (14th Sunday)

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Disciples sit at the feet of the Master. They listen to His words. They watch his actions. They imitate Him. Some are sent to bring the Good News and prepare the way for the Master. Pray that we might be the ones He trusts to send as Disciples of the Good News.

+031+ Surrender Everything to God (13th Sunday)

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What is the difference between Elisha in the first reading and the other three in the Gospel? Elisha wants to give God everything, it will just take him some time. The other three plan on holding something back from God. What amazing things God can do if we are willing to surrender everything! We see this in the life of Sr. Francis Xavier. We could see it in you life too. [from 2010]