+355+ You have a Mission – and Gifts! (32nd Sunday)

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God is life. We creatures are meant to accept the Lordship of Christ so that we can be fully alive. We also have a mission: to bring others to Jesus, and to bring Jesus to others. Every baptized-and-confirmed Catholic shares in this mission. Fortunately, Jesus has given us gifts to use for the mission. Ask God to show you your gifts so you can use them for others.


+354+ Seek the Lord and He will find You (31st Sunday)

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Our universe is so enormous, it’s hard to comprehend the size of it. Yet compared to God, it is nothing more than a grain of sand or a drop of dew. Amazingly, God still loves us and seeks us. Of all the people in Jericho, only the sinner Zacchaeus was really seeking Jesus. And it turns out that Jesus had been seeking Zacchaeus. Are you seeking the Lord? Then He will find you.

+353+ The secret to being a Saint (All Saints)

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The Solemnity of All Saints celebrates the dead who are in Heaven with God. We were made for God and we only find our true purpose when we become like God. The saints are praying and rooting for us to find God and become happy and holy. Now I will share with you the secret to being a saint…


+352+ The White Garment of Righteousness (30th Sunday)

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God gives us the gift of righteousness, symbolized by a white garment. We are given this gift in baptism and are called to preserve it throughout our life and into the everlasting life of Heaven. Seeing holiness as a gift from God will help us answer Peter’s question at the Pearly Gates.


+351+ With the Strength that comes from God (29th Sunday)

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An elderly widow teaches us to be persistent. Moses shows us that when we are doing the work of God, we can rely on God for the strength to achieve it. In the same way, the movement 40 Days for Life is successful because it is faithful to God’s purposes in a way that is both prayerful and persistent. Are you doing the work of God, with the strength that comes from God?


+350+ Controversy! Pope says Church should preach Jesus (28th Sunday)

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The Good News is not about abortion, divorce, or homosexuality. The Good News is the incredible love of God that washes clean every sin. The Pope wants us speak more about Christ; he wants wounded people to meet the Healer. Today we ready how a man named Naaman discovers the healing power of God. More importantly, through his journey of healing, he discovers God Himself. We all have a part to play to help heal the wounds. Will you bring people to Jesus?

+349+ Family Mass: Don’t put your Faith in the China Cabinet (27th Sunday)

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We often treat our Catholic Faith like fine china; our ancestors passed it down to us for special occasions. But faith is a living thing. When we were baptized we received a seed of faith; we must care for it. Give your faith sunlight by daily prayer, water it with Mass, feed it with catechism, and keep it from harm. Your faith will put down deep roots and grow strong.


+348+ How to cross the “Leo Frigo” Bridge (26th Sunday)

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The Leo Frigo Memorial Bridge reminds us not to depend on the things of this world. This world sees hunger and poverty as the biggest problems, but God sees that selfishness is the real problem. The poor and needy are not an inconvenience but an opportunity — they help us cross the bridge from the side of selfishness to the side of selflessness. Mr. Leo Frigo shows us the way.


+347+ Making your Mammon serve the Master (25th Sunday)

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Everything we have and everything we own really belongs to God. We are not owners but stewards. God has entrusted us with our lives, our stuff, our time, and our family members. Want to make God our master proud? Squander His wealth on the needy and the poor. A wise steward is one who knows how to use his mammon to serve his Master.


+346+ The Older Brother of the Prodigal Son (24th Sunday)

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After abandoning his father and exhausting his inheritance, the prodigal son discovers his greatest possession: the love of his Father. The older son has been like a faithful Catholic, sitting the in pew, following the rules, but somehow never discovering his Father’s love. If we want to bring people back, we must share with them the Good News of God’s love. But first we must come to discover it for ourselves.