+357+ Where to find the true King (Christ the King)

Fr. Joel Homilies

Christ is the true King. If we accept Him into our hearts, He will make our lives truly flourish. But right now He is not seated on a lofty throne in a palace somewhere surrounded by important people. Instead, today we find the true king where the thief found Him: right beside us.

The Kingdom Comes (Feast of Christ the King)

Benjamin Homilies

The funeral of Pope John Paul II showed me how the power of the Pope is different from the kings of this world. The Pope is not a ruler whose kingdom is based on power, but on love and truth. In fact, Pope John Paul II was not even a king, but only a servant, in the Kingdom of Heaven. What are the signs that the Kingdom of Heaven is coming? We can point to three signs: the sunrise, the disasters that afflict our world, and Pope Francis’ witness of love.

+355+ You have a Mission – and Gifts! (32nd Sunday)

Fr. Joel Homilies

God is life. We creatures are meant to accept the Lordship of Christ so that we can be fully alive. We also have a mission: to bring others to Jesus, and to bring Jesus to others. Every baptized-and-confirmed Catholic shares in this mission. Fortunately, Jesus has given us gifts to use for the mission. Ask God to show you your gifts so you can use them for others.

Heaven is something new (32nd Sunday OT)

Benjamin Homilies

Like the Sadducees in today’s Gospel, we often assume that life in Heaven is a lot like life on earth, only with better food, and no one gets fat. Jesus corrects that interpretation, teaching us that those who are chosen for Heaven will receive a new life that is completely transformed, that we call “eternal life.” The truth that eternal life is waiting for us should give us courage to face all life’s difficulties without fear.


+354+ Seek the Lord and He will find You (31st Sunday)

Fr. Joel Homilies

Our universe is so enormous, it’s hard to comprehend the size of it. Yet compared to God, it is nothing more than a grain of sand or a drop of dew. Amazingly, God still loves us and seeks us. Of all the people in Jericho, only the sinner Zacchaeus was really seeking Jesus. And it turns out that Jesus had been seeking Zacchaeus. Are you seeking the Lord? Then He will find you.

God calls us by name (31st Sunday OT)

Benjamin God & Faith, Homilies

The Bible teaches us the striking truth that, compared to God, this whole world is less than a pebble. Yet despite the fact that we are so miniscule, God knows each of us and God calls us by name. God calls us and invites us out of our own little boxes in order to live in His love, and this is the meaning of life.

+353+ The secret to being a Saint (All Saints)

Fr. Joel Homilies

The Solemnity of All Saints celebrates the dead who are in Heaven with God. We were made for God and we only find our true purpose when we become like God. The saints are praying and rooting for us to find God and become happy and holy. Now I will share with you the secret to being a saint…