+350+ Controversy! Pope says Church should preach Jesus (28th Sunday)

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Ordinary Time, 28th Sunday. Did you hear what the Pope said? But did you understand what he meant? Yes, abortion and all kinds of other things are wrong, but this isn’t the Good News. The Good News is the incredible love of God that washes clean every sin, even abortion, divorce, sexual activity, everything. The Pope wants us speak more about Christ; he wants wounded people to meet the Healer. Today we ready how a man named Naaman discovers the healing power of God. More importantly, through his journey of healing, he discovers God Himself. We all have a part to play to help heal the wounds. Will you bring people to Jesus? (13 Oct 2013)

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Thanks to Fr. Robert Barron for some thoughts on Naaman.

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    Recently I attended mass to give the Catholic church in this community a chance, to be a part of a mainstream church. I have been a practicing protestant for 17 years, though I was a catholic in my child hood and younger adult life. The gospel reading gave an excellent opportunity to the priest/celebrant to preach, and reach the hearts of the people. He was a very young man. Instead he chose to read the American Bishops statement regarding their opposition to “Obamacare” and its dangers, at length. He then spoke about abortion and birth control and the interference/intrusion of government into our lives. Several people walked out during his homily. I listened out of intellectual interest. The Young Priest missed a wonderful opportunity to Feed the flock there with the word of God, to give to the hearing benefit of his deepened or inspired understanding of the Gospel message, perhaps open the eyes or soften the heart of someone in crisis, or in need of that awakening to God’s love, intent for them. Repeatedly I’ve observed this loss of opportunity to preach Jesus.

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