+346+ The Older Brother of the Prodigal Son (24th Sunday)

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Ordinary Time, 24th Sunday. After abandoning his father and exhausting his inheritance, the prodigal son discovers his greatest possession: the love of his Father. The older son has been like a faithful Catholic, sitting the in pew, following the rules, but somehow never discovering his Father’s love. If we want to bring people back, we must share with them the Good News of God’s love. But first we must come to discover it for ourselves. (15 Sep 2013)

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    I was blessed to stumble to your site. I would like to share how Wonderful our One God Is. I was born in Egypt. My family was Coptic Orthodox and Catholic. I confess to you, that meant nothing to me. I moved to America at the age of 9. I continued this Christian Catholic label not knowing much, just rituals, routine, some icons hanging, nothing spoke to my heart. Yet with this much unfaithfulness to our One God, He remained faithful to me. I lived a life as a fake Christian, I hated much, that the name Jesus would be a pass for do whatever, an elite feeling. Sadly, I like most whether it was out of ignorance, pride, or just plain evil did not have a drive to find out why I was on this earth or thank our Creator for the blessings provided every second of our lives. It took me 42 years, when I stopped, emptied myseld, confessed my failures and offenses committed to the Temple of God, to other people’s temple as well as my own temple. I took a trip to Israel in June 2012, that changed my life. Within 8-9 months, I received a new spirit and heart. I received my calling March 13, 2013. A force awoke me out of bed, I needed to communicate 3 things, Egypt would need to go back to the God of Abraham, Israel would need to look to the Cross as an example for answers. Before you jump, this would be in reference to Rosh Hashana. Our Jewish Brothers and Sisters have been a blessing to the world, they would be the ones who would usher in the Messiah. I was to relate how to go about that. Abraham,,and Moses were great leaders who had concern for others outside of themselves. Moses went so far to ask God to blot him out from the book of life,,if Gd did not forgive his people about the sin of the golden calf. Israel during their spiritual preparation for Rosh Hashanah was to look at the example of the Cross to go one step ahead of Moses. This time, Israel, would ask God to forgive their sins as well as the sins of the world, their enemies included. This would be the lesson learned from the Cross. Love and forgiveness from our One God. As for me, I was to correct the sins of the spies and the sins of the Egyptians that enslaved my people, My Jewish Brothers and Sisters. I would ask God to accept my voice for all creation, to forgive my sins and allow me to ask forgiveness on behalf of all creations. I would be the voice of Jerusalem, declaring that I acknowledge Jesus Christ as the Redeemer, Savior of the World as well as His Royal Family that took part in the Sacrifice. This included the Mother of God, who gave birth to the TORAH with the Union of the Spirit of God. This is a mystery to most, this speaks of marriage between our Father and the Mother of God Mary. In addition,,all the purified souls, Sons and Daughters of God who continue the sacrifice until this day. For the Spirit of God is leading me to bring awareness to the suffering of God. We as faithful servants must bring union to our brothers and sisters of different faith. All must go back to the source of the Light, the Torah, Jerusalem, Israel. We did a great disservice to our One God in persecutating our Jewish Brothers and Sisters. We must make amends and reconcile with them as well as all peoples. For we all fall short of the glory of God. All are on a road of repentance for our personal sins. We are to return to serve our One God with Love, continuing the mission of mercy and healing. We are not to bring division as to the proper name to call God. Such thinking is a reflection of the spirit of the Devil. God is Pure White Love and Light. May the mercy and love of our One God forgive us all our sins and enter us all into His Eternal Day of Rest, speedily in our day. Thank you for your services to God.

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