+343+ Strive to enter – and bring others with you! (21st Sunday)

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What a terrible feeling to be locked out of a party. How much more terrible when the party is Eternal Life! Our first reading reminds us that Kingdom of God is open to all people everywhere. It’s not an exclusive party, but it isn’t easy to enter. We must strive hard and accept the Discipline of our loving Father. We don’t want to miss out and we don’t want anyone else to miss out either. Strive to enter through the narrow gate – and bring others with you!

Book Review: The Fix by Damian Thompson

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What do iPhones, cupcakes, vicodin and internet porn like have in common? They are all addictive, according to Damian Thompson, author of The Fix: How addiction is taking over your World. Thompson, it quickly becomes obvious, is no stranger to addiction. He gives details about his own experiences with alcohol, prescription drugs and even an addiction to buying classical …

+342+ Whose voice do you follow? (20th Sunday)

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Jeremiah listens to the voice of God but the princes refuse to listen. Whose voice do you follow? The world says you are a never enough; God says that you are loved, and that is enough. Listening to His voice can make people uncomfortable, but that’s not our fault. It’s time we fixed our eyes on Christ and stopped listening to the other voices.

+341+ How to serve the King who Serves (19th Sunday)

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The true King of the world is Christ himself. He promises the ultimate role reversal: in the Kingdom of God, the King serves his servants. How do we become members of such a wonderful kingdom? He will serve us in the hereafter, but only if we serve our King here and now by serving our brothers and sisters. Go and serve your King.