Zombie Apocalypse Now

Benjamin Free Range

I recently watched the trailer for an upcoming film about the world being taken over by zombies (World War Z). I must admit that I like a good monster movie, and zombies are about the only monster we have left, now that vampires, werewolves and witches have been turned into blockbuster heroes in Hollywood.

Although I like a good monster movie, I am not feeling any interest in seeing this film. The trailer showed a father and mother and their children seeking to survive while a terrifying darkness consumed the human race, turning people into monsters that hunted the living. The whole thing seemed less like a fiction story and more like a recap of the daily news.

In fact, the story did not seem all that frightening, as if the movie producers were hardly trying at all. In the trailer, those in power, including scientists and the leaders of the army, saw that there was a something wrong and tried to stop the virus. If they wanted to make a story that would actually be terrifying, they should have started right there.

The real horror story would be the one in which those in power, the scientists, the leaders of the army, and those in charge of the mass media, are they first to succumb to the zombie virus. They then begin to do everything in their power to infect as many people as possible and to promote the spread of the virus. They could label anyone who opposes them as haters and bigots and say that they are trying to stop progress and are standing on the wrong side of history. As more people succumb to the disease, it would just be natural for society to view the healthy people as unnatural monsters who need to be rounded up and eliminated.

The trouble with the story is plausibility. No one would believe such a thing could ever happen.