My Lord and my God or my Lord and my Gov?

Benjamin Church meets World

When a society has made the decision to live without God, that society inevitably begins to rely on the Government to do everything that God used to do: to declare what is right and what is wrong, to protect the innocent and punish the guilty, divide the wheat from the chaff and throw the evildoers into maximum security prison, to protect and care for orphans and the widows, to give healing to the sick, and to guarantee stability, security, prosperity, and peace. Prayers that used to be offered to God for these things are now offered up in the form of ballots and votes.

Whenever the people come to their Gov. asking for these blessings, it does exactly what the gods do: it gives the people a Gospel message and a set of commandments to follow if they want to enter into blessedness and have prosperity and peace. The more the people ask from their Gov, the more sacrifices the Gov asks from them. The Gov demands their offerings of money, the sacrifice of their time, their freedoms, their privacy; the Gov asked to be trusted, it complains that people are not receiving its words as the truth and that it is being questioned and doubted. The Gov refuses to be tied down by rules, regulations, and limits, because the Gov wants to be trusted. Ultimately it asks for their blind faith. From time to time the people become restless because they are not receiving all that they ask for, and their restlessness provokes the Gov to anger.

The Gov becomes angry because the people have received so many blessings and goods, yet they are an unfaithful people because they continue to grumble, they do not accept its Gospel, and they are not complying with all of its commandments. The Gov adds more commandments so people will prove their devotion by serving it, or prove by their non-compliance that they are unfaithful and terrorist people.

The Gov is a jealous gov, slow to anger but rich in mercy. What makes the Gov angry, most of all, is when its people worship false gods and serve dead foreign Messiahs, rather than the Gov which graciously gives them so many blessings. These treacherous and unfaithful people must be punished for their impiety with fines, with taxes, and with separation from the good and the faithful people because there is always a risk that the good might become corrupted by them and lose their faith in the Gov.

This road always leads to the same place: the society will never be a good and pure people as long as such infidels exist among them, and so if the infidels refuse to repent and continue to speak blasphemies against the Gov and continue to violate its commandments, they must be put to death to purge society of its evil.

God or Gov: one of them is a monster and a tyrant and the other is a loving father…you need to make the choice which one you will trust and which one you will serve.