+031+ Surrender Everything to God (13th Sunday)

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Ordinary Time, 13th Sunday. What is the difference between Elisha in the first reading and the other three in the Gospel? Elisha wants to give God everything, it will just take him some time. The other three plan on holding something back from God. What amazing things God can do if we are willing to surrender everything! We see this in the life of Sr. Francis Xavier. We could see it in you life too. (27 Jun 2010)

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      Dear Munene,
      Our best example of surrendering everything to God is Mary receiving the announcement of the angel and replying, “Be it done into me according to your word” (Luke 1:38). She really did surrender everything and so she becomes our model and example. I have found the Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary to be helpful (look for the book 33 Days to Morning Glory). However, I have also found that I need to daily surrender myself to God beginning when I get up in the morning. Ultimately I feel that even the most well-intentioned person will find they cannot surrender themselves to God without the grace of God leading them. Ask God to help you learn how, and to help you do it.

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