+031+ Surrender Everything to God (13th Sunday)

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What is the difference between Elisha in the first reading and the other three in the Gospel? Elisha wants to give God everything, it will just take him some time. The other three plan on holding something back from God. What amazing things God can do if we are willing to surrender everything! We see this in the life of Sr. Francis Xavier. We could see it in you life too. [from 2010]

+030+ Dying to be a Man (12th Sunday)

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Learning to play an instrument involves suffering, but it’s worth it. Sin mostly happens when we try to avoid suffering, with the result that we cause ourselves more suffering. Jesus offers a better solution – take up our cross and embrace our suffering. It causes us to grow as human beings and to grow in love. It is also what it means to be a father. [from 2010]

+338+ God the Father’s Day (11th Sunday)

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King David uses his power to take advantage of other. Jesus uses his power to protect and dignify others. Men need to imitate Jesus and not King David. Serving others is what Fatherhood is all about. It’s time we started acting like our heavenly father.

+337+ God knows and He cares Deeply (10th Sunday)

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God both knows what we need and cares deeply. Through tragedy God invites us to realize that we are not the center of the universe and that everything is a gift from Him. Tragedy also reminds us how powerless we truly are. We are weak, but God is strong. Peace comes when we can say: Not my will, but Yours be done.

+336+ The King of all Hearts (Corpus Christi)

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Where would we expect to find the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords? Anywhere but the humble bread on the humble altar of a humble church. Christ becomes present in bread and wine not to “wow” us but to “woo” us. The King of all Hearts wants to be the King of your heart. Will you let Him in?