No news is good news

Benjamin Church meets World

I am consistently impressed with Simcha Fisher’s blog and she has a great post on Ten things to do instead of drowning in the daily news.

I find my life is much happier and more peaceful when I don’t watch or read the news. I usually just skim the headlines to see if there is anything I really need to know (there rarely is) and then go over to to see if the Pope said anything inspiring (he usually does).

Simcha Fisher really highly recommends cleaning; any respectable housewife (Simcha included) would probably not agree that my cleaning actually counts as cleaning. I just make the dirt less conspicuous.

I totally agree with her general point. Focusing on one thing that we can actually make better – no matter how small it is – is one hundred thousand times better than focusing on twenty things that we are powerless to change.

That being said, I need to go straighten up this room. +