After Ezra: an Easter Story

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Ryan and Anu

I recently encountered a beautiful story about a young husband and wife. She was raised a Hindu in India, and he was raised a Baptist in Iowa, and they entered the Catholic Church at the Easter Vigil. What was so powerful about the story was that it shows the power of faith in the Resurrection, and how it carried them peacefully through the death of their first child, who died in the womb nearly at full term:

Joy came over her when he came into the world, an umbilical cord wrapped around his neck.

Ezra was beautiful. He had his father’s nose and his mother’s round face. They held him. They felt no anger or regret or pity.

The couple had planned to baptize Ezra Saturday night at St. Augustin Catholic Church in Des Moines, after the Easter Vigil ceremony to join the Catholic faith. They studied the faith for months, contemplated life’s mysteries and the everlasting. They had tried to convince their parents that Catholicism was the right choice, but couldn’t.

The whole reason for our faith, Ryan Galloway said, is that Jesus Christ died for our sins and rose from the dead. Now, he could hold his son and smile because of that faith. It meant he could see his son again someday.

Do not all religious worship the same God? Yes, we do, because there is only one God, but to be Christian is to worship the God who raised Jesus from the dead.

Read the full story at the Des Moines Register