+331+ Love is how the story Ends (Easter 5)

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Easter, 5th Sunday. The Bible tells the story of the romance between God and His people. In the beginning God creates a paradise out of nothing. But then we sin and lose friendship with God. God does not give up. He sends His Son to forgive our sins and lead us to the Promised Land. The book of Revelation tells us how the story ends: a New Creation and union with God.

Through Jesus, God reveals the mystery of human nature. In today’s Gospel, Jesus teaches his apostles that they must lay down their lives for one another. We must sacrifice ourselves for the good of others. This is what makes us part of God’s holy people and allows us to pass safely through the plagues into the paradise prepared for us. If we want to truly be His disciples, we must love one another as Christ has loved us. (29 Apr 2013)

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