+331+ Love is how the story Ends (Easter 5)

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Easter, 5th Sunday. The Bible tells the story of the romance between God and His people, from creation “in the beginning” to a New Creation and union with God Today Jesus teaches his apostles the secret to surviving the tribulations and remaining God’s Holy People: If we want to truly be His disciples, we must love one another as Christ has loved us. (29 Apr 2013)

+330+ The Good Shepherd feeds his Sheep (1st Communion)

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Our parents fed us, first milk, then solid food, now the best food of all: the Eucharist. The Eucharist is when Jesus, the good Shepherd, feeds us, his sheep. This Shepherd became a sheep, the Lamb of God, and then died for His sheep. When we were baptized we were clothed in white and became God’s sheep. Now the sheep come forward to eat from their Shepherd’s hand.

+329+ See how I love you… Do you love me? (Easter 3)

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Jesus comes looking for the one lost sheep who denied him. Three times Jesus asks, “Do you love me?” Now Peter knows that true love is to lay down his life for his Lord. Peter says Yes, and follows Jesus to his death. Jesus asks us the same question: “Do you love me?” Follow me.

+328+ Faith in the Risen Jesus is a Family Tradition (Family Mass 6)

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Faith can only be learned by Tradition: passed down from past generations. We don’t pass it on because we, like Thomas, doubt that it is really true. But the Risen Jesus was with Thomas and He is with us. God didn’t call “someone else” to bring the good news; God called us. Fortunately we don’t have to do it alone: The Risen Christ is with us.

+327+ Jesus watches as Thomas doubts Him (Easter 2)

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While Thomas was busy doubting, Jesus was right there with him. The Lord who was dead but now lives forever and holds the keys of death and hell is with us all the time. His presence heals the sick, opens doors, and gives us Peace. Christ is Risen!

+326+ The risen King is with Us (Easter)

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Jesus is the one religious Founder who is not dead. He came out of the tomb to announce the Good News of victory: He is the true King who has conquered sin and death. Our King is everywhere: in fire and water, bread and wine. We are never forgotten, never alone. Christ is Risen!

+325+ Defendant found Guilty, Judge Sentences Self to Death Instead (Good Friday)

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Jesus is the real Judge, and we and the World are on trial. Before His just judgement we all stand guilty and condemned. Jesus then accepts a sentence of Death in punishment for us all. What a moment of mercy. What a moment of love. (29 Mar 2013)