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+309+ The Hero with the Huge Heart (Christmas)

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Christmas, Mass at Midnight – We need a hero. Jesus has only one superpower: unconditional love. He is the antidote — not of violence, guns, or aliens — but fear and hate and selfishness. He shares His love with us and we become invincible. (25 Dec 2012)

Christmas Letter 2012

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On the Occasion of the 2012th World Celebration of the Birthday of Jesus Christ It turns out that the world didn’t end after all on Friday, December 21st. But it did stand still for a moment or two as we recalled the 27 victims from the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT. I heard on the …


+308+ Joy and Peace Tell Us the Lord is Here (Advent 4)

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Advent, 4th Sunday – Joy and Peace are infallible signs of the presence of God. Have you noticed moments of peace and joy this Advent? We have been watching for the coming of the Lord and we have discovered that He is already here. (23 Dec 2012)


+307+ The Lord is Near to Newtown (Advent 3)

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Advent, 3rd Sunday – No one gets away with evil — not me, not you, not Adam Lanza. We have seen our darkness and sin, and our powerlessness to stop it. We need a Savior, and He is near, in our midst. Come Lord Jesus! Come and save us. (16 Dec 2012)

+305+ Redeemed without Sin (Immaculate Conception)

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Immaculate Conception – Mary was on earth what we are meant to be in Heaven: “unstained.” God has been working in your life to make you ready to be “unstained” with Him forever. Christ will come for each of us. He comes to meet us now. (8 Dec 2012)


+304+ Offertory: Give God your Stuff (Family Mass 3)

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Family Mass #3 – The Offertory. God has been very generous to us. The bread and wine, given back to God, becomes Jesus Christ. In the same way the “stuff” of our lives, when offered to God, becomes something holy. Give God your stuff. (4 Dec 2012)


+303+ Start packing for Eternity (Advent 1)

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1st Sunday of Advent – My brother thought he had plenty of time to pack but then he wasn’t ready in time. We need to be ready for Jesus’ coming. Do you need to forgive someone, or make a good Confession? Christ is coming soon; start packing. (2 Dec 2012)


+302+ Liturgy of the Word: Give God your Mind (Family Mass 2)

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Family Mass #2 – Why do we read the Bible at Mass? God wants us to think like he does; to see the world like He does. God wants us to be happy and giving ourselves to God is the only way to true happiness. Give God your mind at Mass today. (4 Nov 2012)