Ordinary 26 – Stop the Infection from Spreading | #241

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Ord26 –¬†Stop the Infection from Spreading (6:25)

Ordinary Time, 26th Sunday. An adventuresome 24-year-old, Aimee Copeland, lost both hands, a leg and a foot to flesh-eating bacteria. It could have been much worse; it could have killed her. Doctors amputated those parts of her body to stop the infection spreading further. She lost her hands and feet to save her life.

Sin is like an infection. If we don’t cut it off, it will keep spreading into our lives and spiritually kill us. Our first reading shows Jealousy, our second reading shows Greed. The antidote is giving a cup of cold water: an act of Generosity. What is it that leads you into sin? Alcohol? A relationship? Friends? Things we think we can’t live without. Cut it off. It isn’t really our hands and feet that cause us to sin after all. Its things like our pride and anger and greed. Better to limp humbly into eternal life than stride proudly to destruction. Stop the infection now before it goes too far. Whatever causes you to sin, cut it off! You can live without it.

(30 Sep 2012)

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    This is a great application of the Gospel message, but the moment I saw the picture and the message I could not help applying it to the Church, the Body of Christ.

    There is no infection that the power of Jesus cannot heal, but He can only heal us if we are willing to give up our sin. Every part that refuses to let go of the infection will be cut off of the Body and thrown away.

    These days the Bride of Christ might look a like Aimee Copeland, and she will certainly be losing more parts in the days to come, but it is better to enter life maimed than with both hands to go down into Gehenna.

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      Aimee will be whole in the next life. What’s more, she’ll be so much more radiant for the difficult road she has walked in this life. The same thing for the Church. Sometimes being part of the Church feels like the girl in the picture. All we really need to hold on to is Jesus. He’ll take care of the rest. I hope we can still smile like Aimee does.

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