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Ordinary 14 – Amazed at our lack of Faith | #229

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Amazed at our lack of Faith (8:50)

Ordinary Time, 14th Sunday. Jesus goes to preach in his hometown but they don’t listen to Him. They had grown up with Him. They thought that they knew all about Him. And so they missed who Jesus really was. He was amazed at their lack of faith. The same thing has happened to us. God works lots of miracles, but he only works small ones. Why? Because we Catholics have grown up with the Church. We think we know all about God. And so we have miss who Jesus really is. God only works small miracles because we have such small faith.

(8 Jul 2012)

PS: If God doesn’t answer our prayers, it does not mean that our faith is too small. In our second reading St. Paul has been suffering from some kind of affliction (a “thorn in the flesh” and an “angel of Satan to beat me”, he calls it). He has prayed three times, yet God refused to take it away. Now, probably no one had faith greater than St. Paul. It wasn’t because he had such little faith, but because God had something better planned. Faith is not just about trusting God to give us what we need; it’s more deeply about trusting God to know what we need, and trusting Him to give us what we need.

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