Every life is Sacred (Homily for John the Baptist) | #227

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Every life is Sacred (12:00)

Solemnity of the Birth of John the Baptist.Today we celebrate the birth of John the Baptist. John was the last of the prophets and came to testify to Jesus. Like every prophet he had two parts to his mission:

  • Comfort the Afflicted
  • Afflict the Comfortable

Even though Jesus is not even born yet, John jumps for joy at the presence of the Savior. Today, this message afflicts the comfortable by speaking of the dignity of every human life. The Catholic Church has consistently taught that every human life is sacred. Unfortunately, Catholics have not been so faithful to this teaching. Many prominent Catholics, especially Democrats, have allowed the party to shape their beliefs when they should have allowed their beliefs to shape the party. We know that a child in the human is a human being, and it is never acceptable to kill a human being in the womb.

This is how John would afflict the comfortable today. But he would also comfort the afflicted. John rejoices because our Savior is here. Now more than ever we need His healing touch. The Savior knows all our sins and faults and is willing to forgive any sin, even the sin of abortion. The good news is that God is with us, and He will take our burdens.

Often times, God sends an unexpected pregnancy to stretch us beyond the confines of our selfish world. The gift of a child can call us to love more deeply and generously. Even Jesus himself was an unplanned pregnancy! The song I Will find a Way by Jason Gray captures how God uses a child to bring healing and hope. (24 Jun 2012)

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