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The Spirit stands with Us (12:00)

Pentecost Sunday. Jesus knows that we need help, so he sends us the Holy Spirit. The Spirit is known as the Paraclete because he stands with us. He defends us as our advocate, He encourages us as our comforter, and He advises us as our counselor. We cannot see the Spirit but we see Him in the effects he works: the one, holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church; Baptism, the forgiveness of sins, the resurrection of the dead, and life everlasting.

We see the Spirit alive and active as men are called forth to be ordained as Deacons and Priests. We see the Spirit active at Mass when we bring forth the bread and wine and the Spirit transforms them into the Body and Blood of Jesus. Perhaps the greatest work of the Holy Spirit is that patiently over time, He can make us holy.

(27 May 2012)

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    I was directed to your old blog site by a twitter friend:!/MyFeminineMind, April.

    She, and some other Catholic Twitter moms, and I were discussing the role of moms/women in the church and I had shared a blog post I had written, which I refer to here in this comment. She thought I might find your old blog site with its Holy Priesthood post interesting. I did, and I am leaving you the comment I tried to to leave there, here:

    Father thank you for your wonderful and balanced post. Many of the things you said I found helpful in furthering my understanding of the role of man and woman, but it did nothing to explain why God would give me this deep desire to be a priest and yet not allow me to express it. Like Anonymous, had said, (referring to the comment he/she made on your old site), I believe there is a voice that is not being heard: the one of women. I have worked as Director of Project Rachel her in my diocese of Lansing, and the Church seems to only care for women/mothers when they are in crisis: miscarriages with Elizabeth ministry, or post abortive with Project Rachel/Rachel Vineyard. Women/mothers need more!

    Many of the mothers I journey with as a spiritual director are angry that there is not MOPS for Catholic Moms!

    I know many wonderful priests who don’t have a clue on how to deal with moms/women!

    Our voice is muddied Father you must know that. Our voice is often silenced because we bring up uncomfortable issues.

    I do not want to be silent anymore! I love my Church, my faith, but I hate being a second class citizen!

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