Palm Sunday – It’s my Fault | #216

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It’s my sin that crucified Jesus (6:00)

Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord [readings]

After the Gospel of Palm Sunday: Holy Week is a journey through the cross to the Resurrection. We are invited to give Jesus something better than cloaks and palms; we are called to lay down ourselves before Him. It is easy to follow Jesus when everyone is doing it, but can we walk with Him all the way to the Cross?

After the Gospel of the Passion: The Jewish people would sacrifice a Scapegoat for their sins. We like to point the finger at someone and blame them for why things went wrong: Those immigrants, those Democrats, those Republicans, my wife, my husband…. We point the finger, they get the blame, and we get to walk away free. The ultimate scapegoat is God. How does God answer our scapegoating behavior? He should point the finger back at us, but for love of us, he stays silent and takes our blame. I would love to blame the Jews or the Romans for the death of Jesus, but the truth, it’s my fault.

(1 Apr 2012)

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