Lent 3 – Cast the clutter out of your Temple | #213

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Lent, 3rd Sunday. Jesus casts out the sellers and money-changers because the temple should be about one thing: God. We are temples of the Holy Spirit. Our lives should be about this one thing too. Today we are given the 10 Commandments to remind us put God first in our lives, and to put everything else in the proper place. Have you followed the 10 Commandments? Perhaps is is time to cast the clutter out of your temple.

(11 Mar 2012)

(Image from The Brick Testament)

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    I understand keeping the Sabbath, but I also see every day is for God, not just Sunday. And I read an interesting take on honor your mother and father recently – yes, obey, but even before that LISTEN to them.

    Thanks for the reminder to clear out the clutter in our temples, lives, hearts.

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