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Pray Like a Champion Today (10min)

Ordinary Time, 3rd Sunday. All of Wisconsin thought the Packers were going to the Super Bowl. What did the Packers do wrong to lose their first playoff game? Coach McCarthy said they were weak on fundamentals. In my opinion they thought they were good enough. And because they thought they were good enough, they didn’t go out and really play like champions. I’d love to give the Packers a hard time but I can’t. The more I think about it the more I realize that we Christians do the same thing.

We think we’re “good enough” so we don’t bother to play like champions. We are content to come to church from time to time, pray occasionally, and follow some of Jesus’ rules. We are weak on fundamentals. That’s why we aren’t ready to face life’s adversities. It’s why when things get difficult, our faith feels weak. Here are the fundamentals of being a Christian:

  1. Daily prayer. “Pray like a Champion”
  2. Weekly Mass. Don’t miss your practices, if you want to play well all week.
  3. Frequent Conversion. Go to Confession; get rid of sin.
  4. Give generously. Share with the needy. Share your faith.
  5. Grow in your faith. Read. Study. Learn about it.

But there’s good news. Jesus has called us each by name. He didn’t call us to go out and be good. He called us to come and follow Him. He will walk with us.

What is one thing we need to repent of?

Thirty-nine years ago today abortion was made legal in the United States. Since that day, over 50 million of our own children have died from legal abortion. Now 1/3rd of these generations is missing. Monday is a day of fasting and prayer in reparation for sins against human life. We may be tempted to say that it isn’t our concern; we haven’t been involved, and that’s good enough. But Jesus didn’t call us to be “good enough”. He called us to be champions. Pray like a Champion today.

(22 Jan 2012)

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