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Advent1 – Make time for God (5:30)

Advent, 1st Sunday. I recently visited my little niece. She was so excited that every half-hour she asked, “Is Uncle Joel here yet?” When I arrived she came running out to meet the car and gave me a huge hug.

This is what Jesus has in mind when he tells us, “Be watchful! Be alert!” We should look forward with eager expectation to the coming of the One we love. If you were to die tonight, would you be ready? You would leave undone all the things you have put off — people you haven’t forgiven, or haven’t loved, and things you haven’t gotten to yet. Would you be excited to see Our Lord? Would you recognize Him? More importantly, would He recognize you? Have you really spent enough time with Our Lord that you can say you know each other?

At any time of year, but especially during the holiday season, it is easy to get so busy that we forget to pray. That is why we are handing out little wooden nickels. They remind you to make space for God and to make time for God. In fact, one side has a little clock on it. You can use a highlighter and color in how much time you plan to give to God each day. Maybe you want to give God twenty minutes, or only 5, or a whole hour. Before you make up your mind, remember that you aren’t going to have extra time in the day. That means to really give God time, you have to be willing to give up something else. I think we would all agree that time spent with God is time well spent.

If we really knew Our Lord well, we would be as excited to see Him as my little niece was excited to see me. That fact that we aren’t very excited about His coming can mean only one thing: we haven’t taken the time to really get to know Him. Make time for God.

(27 Nov 2011)

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