The Mass 2.0: The Introductory Rites | #145

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Ordinary31 – Now we will respond, “And with your Spirit.” The Confiteor is different in only two places. And we strike our chest. For many older parishioners, these changes will remind them of the old Latin-English Missal. We haven’t changed so much.

The Pope, Peace, and Agnostics

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VATICAN CITY, 27 OCT 2011 (VIS) – Today marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of the historic meeting for peace in the Italian town of Assisi, called by Blessed John Paul II. For the occasion, Benedict XVI has made a pilgrimage to the city of St. Francis, accompanied by representatives of other religions and by non-believers, for a Day of reflection, dialogue …

Ord29 – Even Cesar Belongs to God | #143

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Ordinary29 – If the coin has Cesar’s image, then give it back to him. But whose image to do we bear? We bear the image and likeness of God himself! Repay to Cesar what belongs to Cesar, and to God what belongs to God… but even Cesar belongs to God.

Ordinary28 – The Soiled Garments of Selfishness

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[this homily was not recorded] Ordinary Time, 28th Sunday GK Chesterton once commented that people misunderstand the relationship of Jesus and the Church. They often think that Jesus is simple and nice, but the Church has made things complicated and confusing. The opposite is true. Jesus is sometimes complicated and confusing and the Church has tried to make things a …

Ord27 – Daily Stewardship | #142

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Ordinary27 – In today’s Gospel, the renters forget who really owns the property. We often have the same problem. Everything we have is a gift from God, including the world and our very life itself. Are we acting like renters or are we stewards?