Ord26 – Actions Speak Louder Than Words | #141

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Ordinary Time, 26th Sunday (A) Today’s Gospel can be summed up with this little phrase: Actions speak louder than words. What you do matters more than what you said. This can be useful when evaluating a boyfriend or girlfriend. It can also help us discern the character of an employee. It also lets us know if we are really being a Christian or not.

Every Christian believes that Christ is God’s answer to our needs. God made us in His image and likeness, but we don’t always act that way. So He not only told us how to act, but He showed us. Jesus shows us how to be a human being and He then helps us do it. By being a Christian, you promise to try and live like Jesus. In the last few weeks, Jesus has showed us three different ways that He lives:

  • Jesus Forgives. Seventy times seven times.
  • Jesus is Generous. He gives far more than we deserve.
  • Jesus is Humble. He gave up His glory in order to serve us.

Since Christians imitate Jesus, we also need to forgive, be generous, and be humble.  Are we actively trying to be like Jesus? We say we are Christians, but actions speak louder than words.

(25 Sep 2011)

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