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Homily Download Stats – Top 10 Most Popular

Fr. Joel Homilies

The service I use to host my podcast also provides free stats on who is downloading them. The first surprise is that people are downloading them all over the world. In fact, outside the US, the largest downloads come from China. The second surprise for me is the US market. Guess what US city or state downloads my homilies the most?

Downloads by Country

Holy See (Vatican City State) ??? Even the Pope is listening!


Downloads by US State or City

Whoever is listening from San Antonio – thanks!
Who would have thought I’d be more popular in Texas than Wisconsin.


Top 10 Most Popular Homilies

Ranked by Number of Downloads as of 24 July 2011

  1. Homily for Mother’s Day – Seeing Jesus in the Wounds   288
  2. Ord33 – Captain Savior from Planet Perfect   269
  3. Easter Sunday 2011 – Nourish the Bread of Life   252
  4. Ord32 – Why do you come to Mass? (homily to envision our future)   247
  5. Baptism of the Lord – Children of the King   247
  6. Easter6 – Not good enough for Heaven   246
  7. Pentecost – The Spirit moving on Pilgrimage   244
  8. Ascension- Christ left us to do the Work   225
  9. Mass1 – Why worship on Sunday?   223
  10. Lent4 – Confession cures Spiritual Blindness   218

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