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Homily Download Stats – Top 10 Most Popular

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The service I use to host my podcast also provides free stats on who is downloading them. The first surprise is that people are downloading them all over the world. In fact, outside the US, the largest downloads come from China. The second surprise for me is the US market. Guess what US city or state downloads my homilies the …

Mass10 – The Word Became Flesh, and Dwelt Among Us | #135

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The Mass #10 – We stand for the Gospel because an important person has entered the room. Jesus Himself speaks to us and calls us to conversion, and a deeper friendship with Him. Believe what we read, Teach what we believe, and Practice what we teach.

Mass9 – The Bible in Three Years | #134

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The Mass #9 – The Church Fathers compared reading scripture to a cow chewing its cud. If you don’t understand a particular reading, don’t worry – it will be back in 3 years! We read from the Old Testament and the New Testament and chew on what was said.

Mass8 – Liturgy of the Word: Tell Me That You Love Me | #133

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Homily on the Mass #8: Liturgy of the Word – Reading the Bible at Mass is like Story Time with our Heavenly Father. Through the Bible the Father comes lovingly to meet His children and speaks to them. The Bible is telling our story.